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The 25 programmes

Lecture avec vue sur la cathédrale

Workshops, professional days, events for the general public, exhibitions, encounters, and more. In 2024, over 200 exciting events will be held in every district of the city, for all ages. Here are the 25 programmes that these events will be part of.

A city at the crossroads of ideas and debates

Words to Talk About the World

Literature and ideas meet at well-known Strasbourg events, such as the Bibliothèques Idéales, debates at the media libraries and the Forum for Democracy. A key approach to examining contemporary issues, these events are associated with performance venues in Strasbourg, so that the world of live entertainment can also get involved in this debate of ideas. 

Echo of languages

A crossroads of languages and cultures, Strasbourg remains true to its humanist and Rhenish tradition. This programme focuses on this multilingual richness and examines issues surrounding translation. Certain initiatives of this programme are professionally oriented, while others concern the general public, in order to facilitate access to resources. Issues addressed include the bolstering of France’s policies on French as a foreign language, training librarians in languages, translation awards, and more. 

ce livre, this book, das buch, bu kitap

Ambassadors of reading

Anyone can become an ambassador of reading. Within companies or families, with friends; everyone can get involved.  It’s an opportunity to discover book clubs, talk about books, share your enthusiasm or make BookTube or Bookstagram posts using the hashtag #lirenotremonde

Citizens of tomorrow

Reading helps you shape your identity; it develops your critical thinking skills and empowers you. Through this programme, Strasbourg is implementing its policy of educating young people about the media and information. Journalist residencies and fanzine production are some of the ways the city encourages people to participate in the democratic debates of our time.

A creative and poetic city

Cinema & Reading

Literature and cinema have always been connected, whether it’s through literary works brought to the screen, fiction or documentaries. So how can you read the world through a camera? “Cinema & Reading” invites you to explore biopics about writers, adaptations of novels and the process of writing screenplays. In partnership with the INA and the Lieu Documentaire.

Reading everywhere

“All Readers” is another leitmotiv that played a part in Strasbourg’s candidacy. This programme involves the deployment of off-site facilities, in partnership with Strasbourg’s media libraries in particular. This ranges from creating mobile libraries to promoting atypical reading spaces as part of the “Reading our World” project. And, on top of that, a Great Book of Strasbourg, an immersive and mobile object, will circulate through the city’s districts.

Gutenberg Remix 2024

The history of books is important for Strasbourg, because Gutenberg lived here during his years of research on movable type. “Gutenberg Remix 2024” revisits the written, architectural and technical heritage, in order to make it more accessible to the people of Strasbourg.  The creation of the Gutenberg European Space Print Hub will link the past to the present, from the invention of movable type to the present day.

Illustrate Yourself!

The birthplace of printing, Strasbourg is also renowned for its Haute-Ecole des Arts du Rhin, from which Claude Lapointe graduated, as well as for its network of art facilities. The aim of this programme is to showcase the powers of creativity devoted to illustration, a sector of excellence, particularly through the illustration festival “Rencontres de l’Illustration”, exhibits at the Tomi Ungerer Museum and the Schilick on Carnet Festival.

Out Loud!

This programme explores the artistic expression of Strasbourg’s residents. Whether it’s by giving voice to a wide variety of languages through podcasts and audiobooks, or by showcasing literary creation 2.0, we’re speaking up and speaking out!  And how about trying a poetry slam, rapping or storytelling?

Vitality 2030

Supporting the vitality and economic attractiveness of the players of the book trade is a key objective of Strasbourg, World Book Capital 2024. The creation of a European platform for illustration and the creation of a scholarship for young talent are among the projects that will be launched to ensure the continuity of the professions for future generations.

Wow, I Made It!

Sometimes books can be intimidating, and sometimes they can be impressive, puzzling or captivating, so the process of creating books can add to their appeal. That’s why this programme encourages readers to make books themselves, through digital book production, bookbinding workshops and learning the craftsmanship of art books.  

A city of empowerment and ecology

Living Library

Strasbourg has long promoted sharing when it comes to reading; its media libraries welcome people from all walks of life. Symbols of respect, equality and tolerance, books can also be found in prisons, and they can be shared in hidden ways, too. The “Living Library” programme aims to encourage the creation of new spaces for encounters and conviviality involving books.

Entrepreneurship for Reading

The influence of books and reading depends on strong support for the professionals of the book trade and for the economic sector as a whole. Ways of achieving this goal include providing support for micropublishing ventures, developing the attractiveness of bookstores and showcasing literary festivals.  Strasbourg will expand its network of companies involved with books, with the aim of fighting illiteracy in the workplace.

Reading is Good for You

Reading and sports have something in common: they’re both very therapeutic. The benefits of book therapy for the public (the elderly, the sick or in the workplace), and the commitment of librarians who cycle the roads to encourage reading, are all well known. This programme explores ways of promoting the many initiatives that combine reading and wellbeing.

Reading for the Planet

Because reading can also be a way of taking a stand, this programme examines the book trade’s impact on the environment. Topics will include environmentally responsible practices in the book trade. Also covered will be ways in which libraries, but also people in general—who will be made aware of the need to reuse books—can implement hands-on, virtuous initiatives. Finally, green libraries will be opened in public places, with plant features, reading gardens, and more. It’s the green attitude!

My Life is a Novel

Individual stories form collective narratives. Writing residencies are at the heart of this programme, with the history of workers, collecting life stories of the elderly from all cultures, staging migration stories, and more. All of these narratives will form the Memoirs of Strasbourg.

Fun and Games!

Play is a wonderful way of making reading an enjoyable experience. This programme simply offers moments of sharing and laughter, with the help of literary karaoke, quizzes and surprise book parties, as well as a game night in the city’s media libraries.  Enjoy with family or friends.

Reading Olympics

With the Olympics being held in France in 2024, Strasbourg will be getting in on the fun by building bridges between sports and reading. Planned events include writing competitions, a short story marathon and a reading Olympics event structured by neighbourhood. It’s an opportunity to see who, in your family or friends, is the fastest at running, rowing, pedalling and READING!

All Readers!

Bringing people in Strasbourg together with festive events is the objective of this programme for the general public. World Book and Copyright Day, Fifteen Minutes of Reading, and Poetry Brigades strolling through the Christmas Market, will all be worth seeing and experiencing, not to mention an experiment in book tourism. A first!

A City of Refuge


When it received the title of World Book Capital 2024, Strasbourg joined an international network of UNESCO World Book Capitals, which it will help lead throughout the year. “Links” refer to the programme of cooperation and residencies associated with Accra, World Book Capital 2023 (Ghana), to be continued with the city that will come after Strasbourg in 2025.

Women, Women, Women

Books are more than mere travel companions. They’re also a tool for fighting discrimination and achieving gender equality. This programme aims to increase the visibility of the specialised collection known as "Olympe de Gouges”, and examines the issue of access to books at shelters for women who are victims of violence. Female readers and publishers will be honoured in particular.

Reading Solidarity

A direct consequence of Strasbourg’s reception policy, this programme is based in particular on solidarity initiatives such as “My Book Bag”, led by Libraries Without Borders for refugee children, or the welcoming of exiled writers, facilitated by the arrival in the city of the International Cities of Refuge Network (ICORN).

A Child-Friendly City

Look! I’m Reading and Writing!

At every age, writing is a powerful way to learn languages and acquire knowledge, and an excellent tool for stimulating the imagination and perceiving, understanding and sharing emotions. This programme includes many activities and artistic and literary educational pathways, so everyone, and especially children, can make writing a part of their everyday lives.

Une histoire !


A highlight for kids, offered by the media libraries, Childlike (Enfantines) is also a system for helping children learn to read. Making books widely available in schools and nurseries during school and after-school hours, providing better training for education professionals, creating reading cocoons in children’s homes... these are all priority actions to encourage children to start reading.

Born into the World

Access to culture is a basic right during early childhood. Raising awareness about reading begins in the cradle, and even before, through lullabies and voices heard in utero. This programme, part of the local area’s family services plan, aims to introduce babies to the joys of reading through a number of schemes currently being studied: a free media library card when a baby is born, neonatal reading sessions, training for professionals during baby book days, and more.

Il était une fois...

Illustrations by Frédéric Bellier