The Strasbourg's programme 5 focus areas

Il y'a 1001 façons de lire notre monde

On 20 July 2022, Strasbourg was officially named World Book Capital 2024 by UNESCO, succeeding Accra (capital of Ghana) for 2023. Discover the 5 areas of focus of its programme.

This is the first time that the “World Book Capital” title has been conferred on a French city, and it will not be awarded to another French city for at least ten years, per UNESCO policy. It is awarded every year by UNESCO to a city committed to promoting books and reading in all forms and at all ages of life, to fight illiteracy and inequality in a changing world. The designated cities must meet a dual objective: to sharpen people’s critical thinking skills while emphasising dialogue between cultures, and to organise a range of popular events.


In keeping with the values of UNESCO, Strasbourg is mobilising to deploy its project, called Reading our World. With 25 programmes and nearly 200 initiatives, it is structured around 5 cross-cutting areas of focus:

5 focus areas

A city at the crossroads of ideas and debates

Strasbourg, a city at the crossroads of ideas and debates, is promoting a democratic dialogue about the challenges and crucial issues of our time, and developing educational programmes about the media and information.

Strasbourg is meeting the challenges facing democracy, by addressing societal and current affairs topics to initiate a dialogue with communities of residents, artists, decision makers and economic players, about the challenges of our time.


The flagship programmes of this area are “Words to Talk about the World”, “The Echo of Languages”, “Ambassadors of Reading” and “Citizens of Tomorrow”.


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Strasbourg, carrefour d'idées et de débats.

A creative and poetic city

Strasbourg, a creative and poetic city, fosters all forms of artistic, creative and poetic expression, to reinvent the world of tomorrow.

Strasbourg taps into books to imagine a desirable, poetic future, by mobilising the imagination, dreams and powers of creativity of all of its artists and residents, while embracing the diversity of their artistic and cultural practices. The aim of this area of focus is to explore new horizons, unimagined and unimaginable until now, so we can read our world differently!


The flagship programmes of this area are “Cinema & Reading”, “Reading Everywhere”, “Gutenberg Remix 2024”, “Illustrate Yourself”, “Out Loud”, “Vitality 2030” and “Wow, I Made It!”


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Strasbourg, ville créative et poétique.

A city of empowerment and ecology

Strasbourg, a city of empowerment and ecology, fosters access to reading and environmentally responsible practices.

Strasbourg, a resilient and committed city, focuses its attention on the challenges of social inclusion and environmental responsibility, and promotes access to reading for all.


The flagship programmes of this area are “Living Library”, “Entrepreneurship for Reading”, “Reading is Good for You”, “Reading for the Planet”, “My Life is a Novel”, “Fun and Games”, “Reading Olympics” and “All Readers!”.


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Strasbourg, ville émancipatrice et écologique.

A City of Refuge

Strasbourg, a city of refuge, reaffirms the importance of culture and reading, universal vectors of peace, humanism and the defence of human rights, but also of sharing, emotions and meaning.

Strasbourg considers culture and reading to be crucial levers of peace, humanism and the defence of human rights. Strasbourg also promotes interculturality and the showcasing of cultures, considering these aspects as fundamental assets that make up a collective and shared identity. 


The flagship programmes of this area are “Links”, “Women, Women, Women” and “Reading Solidarity”.


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Il y a mille et une façons de lire notre monde. Strasbourg, ville refuge.

A Child-Friendly City

Strasbourg, a child-friendly city, is committed to giving children a taste for reading, listening and telling stories with joy and a sense of sharing.

Strasbourg focuses especially on children by getting down to their level, with their families, to give them a taste for the enjoyment of reading, by promoting story hours full of joy, laughter and sharing in all of the places where kids live and learn. This area of focus also includes parenting support measures.


The flagship programmes are “Childlike”, “Born into the World” and “Look! I’m Reading and Writing!”.


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Strasbourg, ville amie des enfants.